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Default Re: Professional Template: 300 Spartans: Leonidas

Originally Posted by Kromm View Post
Historical accuracy (and "Customization Notes") weren't my goals at 1 a.m. with insomnia, but . . .
I go one better: I ignore historical accuracy 24 hours a day. (Well, certainly in dungeons, anyway...)

Thanks for the extra ideas. The template seems to fit nicely between knight and swashbuckler. It'd stand in for some barbarian warrior concepts, too, if master of outdoor survival isn't a concern. It'd also make a nice ex-soldier gladiator (though a few more weapon skills, and maybe Performance to play to the crowd, would be good there).

(Side thought: With generic fantasy gaming drawing its stock characters from such an odd jumble of times, places, and concepts – Celtic druids, medieval knights, Shaolin monks, giant fantasy Vikings, Crusader-like priests, Merlinesque wizards, urban thieves of all things – it's odd that some kind of Spartan/gladiator/other "sword'n'sandals" stand-in is so rarely represented.)

Final thought: If this Hoplite template isn't getting any use from the players, the GM could tap it as the go-to template for some non-human race's warriors, or an elite Orc military society ("The Spears of Ghaargsh"), etc.
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