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Default Re: Professional Template: 300 Spartans: Leonidas

Originally Posted by Kromm View Post
It's always an option to invent something, too! Here's an example.
One for the bookmarks! (And table, eventually.)

I always like DF/DFRPG characters' "Customization Notes" that go into additional archetypes. Here, "Hoplite" is a fine name for what's a broader "Elite Sword 'n' Sandals Soldier", but are there other specific archetypes that could be derived?

Without fussing over details of historical accuracy, this template looks usable for a Roman Legionnaire (or just Legionnaire, if Empire is as unnamed as Town)... even Elite Viking Warrior with a little more tweaking (Axe/Mace, some armor, maybe Boating/Swimming...)

Does the template suggest any other classic characters to anyone?
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