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Default Agent of the Compassions Guild

Bacstabihti von Rhatvasterd
250-point Human Thief

"Baksy" is from one of those sickenly sweet loving and understanding families from the semi-fancy part of Town, where everything seems to go right all of the time but no one is so outstanding as to attract undue attention. This is handy for her father, who is actually head of the local Thieves' Guild. It is doubly handy for Mrs. Rhatvasterd, who is the top agent for a different guild that is better not named ... but ironically rhymes with "The Guild of Compassions."

Baksy has many of her parents' aptitudes, and have been extensively if discreetly trained, but she doesn't want to follow in their footsteps. For one, she has a soft heart and would rather join the aforementioned Guild of Compassions. Secondly she wants to be a swashbucking hero, or maybe a good-hearted pirate, or a famous performer, or maybe all of those at once. Anything where she is well loved and helping people. Her parents are long past trying to overtly persuade her to have more practical ambitions, but they're both very good at getting their way through less straightforward means. For now, they are letting her "get it out of her system" on the perfectly reasonable assumption that the Subterranean Acadmy of Hard Knocks will toughen her up and make her realize how good a deal she has at home. Only time will tell if it does, but if it takes too long the elder von Rhatvasterds might try to help her along.

ST 11 [10]; DX 15 [100]; IQ 13 [60]; HT 11 [10]
Damage 1d-1/1d+1(1d+2/3d-1 on Backstabs); BL 24 lbs.; HP 11 [0]; Will 13 [0]; Per 14 [5]; FP 11 [0].
Basic Speed 6.00 [-10]; Basic Move 7 [5]; Move 7
Dodge 10 (Acro for +2 when possible) ; Parry 12 (Long Knife); Block 11 (Buckler)

Expert Backstabbing 6 [12]
Flexibility [5]
High Manual Dexterity 1 [5]
Perfect Balance [15]
Weapon Master (Knives) [20]

Disadvantages and Quirks
Charitable [-15]
Curious (12) [-5]
SoD Adventuing Companions [-5]
Trickster (12) [-15]

Wants to be a famous hero [-1]
Assumes that anything that is a mother is secretly terrifyingly badass [-1]
Sings to Birds [-1]
Collects small plush animals [-1]
Talks like a teenager[-1]

Acrobatics-14 [1]
Acting-13 [1]
Brawling-15 [1]
Carousing-11 [1]
Cartography-13 [1]
Climbing-18 [1]
Disguise-12 [1]
Escape-16 [1]
Fast-Draw (Knife)-15 [1]
Fast-Talk-12 [1]
Forgery-11 [1]
Filch-15 [2]
Forced Entry-15 [1]
Gambling-12 [1]
Gesture-13 [1]
Hiking-10 [1]
Holdout-13 [2]
Knife-17 [4]
Knot Tying-16 [1]
Lockpicking-17 [4]
Pickpocket-15 [2]
Savior-Faire-13 [1]
Scrounging-14 [1]
Search-14 [2]
Shadowing-13 [2]
Shield (Buckler)- 15 [1]
Sleight of Hand-14 [1]
Smuggling-14 [2]
Stealth-18 [12]
Streetwise-13 [2]
Thrown Weapon, Knife- 15 [1]
Traps-14 [4]
Urban Survival-14 [2]
Includes +1 from Perfect Balance
Includes +3 from Flexibility.
Includes +1 for High Manual Dexterity
$1000, 22 lbs (No Encumberance)
Backpack, Small, Unicorn themed (holds canteen, rations, personal basics, plush kitten) $60 3lbs.
Canteen. Full. 1 qt. herbed water. $10 3lbs.
Coins. $109
Clothing. $0, 2lbs. Includes poofy white blouse, silver buckled slippers, and tight shiny pants
Daggers (3 red/blue/yellow). Thrown: 1d-2 imp 5/11yd $80, 0.75 lb.
Large Throwing Knife, black with skulls. 1d-1 imp 11/22yd $40, 1 lb.
Lockpicks, Good, pink (+1 to skill). $250, 0.5lbs.
Long Knife, Fine ("Fashion Rapier"). 1d+2 imp/1d+3 cut (C,1) $360 1.5 lb
1d+5/3d+5 on backstab
Rations, "Hardtack Cupcakes" (3). $6, 3 lb.
Personal Basics, "Anything But Basic" brand. $5 1 lb.
Pouch, wmbroidered with ponies, (concelaed with holdout, has coins). $20, 0.2 lb
Plush Kitten (ancient well loved toy). $0 0.3 lbs
Small Buckler with happy kitten face. $40, 8lbs
Stiletto, powder blue with daisies. 1d imp (1d+3 on backstb), (C) $20, 0.25 lb (reduce chinks penalty by 2)
Baksy spent 2 quirk points to get expert backstabbing to 6 and 3 to get knife skill to DX+2 for the sweet sweet weapon master bonus. Acting isn't technically on the thief template but is completely in theme. If you get a stickler, buy poisons or something.

In terms of build, Backsy is an assassin, just not a grimdark one, and is otherwise a competent scout, lockpicker, and trapfinder. To improve assassination buy more expert backstabbing, better knives, stealth and knife skill and consider dipping into poisons (literally and figuratively).

Buying up knife throwing to DX+2 will get +2 damage from weapon master so is also a good investment of 3 points.

While Baksy is more solid in melee than the average theif, she is still weak in DF terms. You can improve this if you want - quickly and at reasonable cost with armor, a medium bucker, and a very fine knife and longer term with Combat Reflexes, Luck, and a GM that will let the swashbuckler teach you swashy things.

Role playing a goodhearted teen-girl stone cold assassin should be enough of a contradiction in terms to milk for some time. Your companions should never know if you will solve a problem with kind understanding, an elaborate prank, or surprise involuntary kidney removal. Keep in mind that Baksy is a trickster and loves to humiliate powerful jerks of all kinds.

It is up to the GM if the elder von Rhatvasterds ever make an appearance. If they do, I suggest being very polite.
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