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Default Re: How about a bard, then?

Originally Posted by Kromm View Post
He is, however, a fair backup thief, scout, and wizard, and also a social monster. He illustrates what a jack of all trades the oft-maligned "rogue-warrior-wizard" might look like in the DFRPG.
So I've been thinking about an adventure for a team of closely trained adventurers with varying specialties and now I think I might do it with an all-bards team. This could alleviate the "problem" of bards being hard, when everyone gets to play one and no scout or knight is there to make them feel bad.

Concussion-15 [1]
Not even the munchkiniest munchkin in my group would probably come up with the idea of playing a half-elf to get Concussion as a bard. As a lover of this spell, I'm impressed -- even though Kellan* is stuck with default Innate Attack. It's an explosion, so whatever.

*) Is the name, by any chance, a tribute to OOTS?
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