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Default Re: Questions about fencing and two-weapons skills

Thanks for clarifying. The point that I was trying to make was that I've seen "bucklers" that are slightly larger (and I don't think the images in the link were to scale at all. . .), certainly enough to classify them in the first tier of the 1/2/3 hit protection scheme of shields in TFT. From my perspective, buckler is to sm. shield as saber is to cutlass, i.e. close enough for the abstraction supported by the system.

If we were being absolutely scrupulous regarding shield types in TFT (which I really don't think we want to do), we'd probably have to go - buckler, sm. shield, med. shield, lg. shield, and tower shield (1/2/3/4/5!).

What Scott is holding in the video is indeed on the petite side. But to your point:

"So it would NOT support letting a Main Gauche stop more than a small shield."

I agree.
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