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Default Re: Questions about fencing and two-weapons skills

Skarg, the link you posted actually refers to the types of shields as "Buckler" (top row), "Kite" (2nd row), and "Tower" (bottom row). Although I don't believe the various images are necessarily to scale.

I've been lucky enough to view and handle bucklers in museums and private collections around the world; they vary in size and composition somewhat but I don't believe that your assertion,"A buckler is like just the central boss on the round shields shown on the top row there" is correct. The buckler actually is "the round shield shown on the top row there."

I think that TFT is more than abstract enough to call "buckler" another type of small shield.

Otherwise we'd have to go - Buckler stops 1 hit, small shield (in your model) stops 2 hits, large shield stops 3 hits, and tower shield stops 4 hits.
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