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Default Re: Curious Local Customs

This one is an adaptation from Andromeda's Nietscheans* but actually a rather plausible custom. It is considered an honor not only to have venerable ancestors but a worthy ambition and sometimes a duty to make one's posterity proud of one.

This means that a lot of times people will refrain from deeds that would otherwise gain wealth or power for reasons that are in a sense selfish. They are trying to gain fame in the future.

Naturally of course most believe in an afterlife and many believe that a reward (or punishment as it may be) is to see both what ones descendants and ones ancestors think of one.

* In that case it was justified by what amounted to a Social Darwinistic religion which believed that achievement proved one good breeding in the literal sense of the word. One could actually believe such a thing might exist but I adapted the idea in a softer and less amoral form to suit my needs.
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