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Default Re: Fighting in Poor Lighting

Originally Posted by VariousRen View Post
I haven't had much experience with low-light fights, so I figured I would ask if this would cause any problems and drag out fights, and if defenses should be penalized by penalty/2.
The most straight forward answer: Depends on your power level... and if the sides are evenly matched in terms of skill. However, regardless without any penalty mitigator (Night Vision, Dark Vision, etc) combat will slow a little.

Unless one-side really just outclasses the other, which case it's just a lopsided fight that gets even more lopsided.

Lower attack skills, 10-14 range, means attacks and defenses are almost 50/50, no one can afford to Deceptive Attack. Feints will feel strongly rewarded and almost necessary. At this level it will probably drag a bit.

'Mid'-level skills, 15-17, means attacks are slightly better. Still going to be feints instead of Deceptive Attacks. Committed Attack Determined could pull of a Deceptive Attack at this skill level. Combat will slow some.

High level skills, 18-21, means it will only slow it down a bit. The skill 20 warrior isn't making -3 Deceptive Attacks every turn anymore (unless he's going AOA Determined), though he try for Committed Attack Determined.

DF Knights, skills 22-25, does he even notice the darkness? He can afford to Deceptive Attack (even a -1 on the enemy's defense is useful) or targeted attack (limbs or vitals-3, face or neck -5) which will help keep the combat moving at a steady pace.

Uber skills, 26+, this piddly torchligt does not even phase this warrior. Even total darkness or sudden blindness will not stop this killing machine.
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