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Default Re: Can a Scout ship have only one station in the bridge?

Originally Posted by Anaraxes View Post
Such rules exist -- they're just basic rules, not specific only to starship operation.

Having "no equipment" gives a -10 to technological skills, or even makes them impossible at GM's option. I'd think a crew station with all the controls for the ship would be important equipment for starship crew.

If you're doing two jobs, then you're doing each of them in half the normal time. Per B346, that's a -5 penalty for 50% haste. Three jobs would be 70% haste, so -7.
Color me skeptical.

GURPS 3e rules were what GURPS TRAVELLER was designed for - not 4e. In addition, GURPS TRAVELLER: STARSHIPS specifically include RVO as a means for having a bridge crew operate short handed.
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