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Default Re: Fun vs Rules - When is too much fun a bad thing?

Originally Posted by whswhs View Post
This is why I use prospectuses. I define settings, allowed characters, possible missions, play styles, and so on for several possible campaigns and invite players to rate them. Then I run a campaign that all of the players rated average or better. Having done so, I apply my own sense of "fun"—but the players have agreed in advance that they share that sense of fun.
This is a great idea, at the very least have a conversation beforehand. It's much easier for everyone to have fun if we all know the kind of fun we're all trying to have!

I'm lucky enough to have regular group for decades now so a lot of the above is already built in for us, but I would recommend doing this kind of stuff for groups who are new to each other (and even the addition of one new member makes a new group where this would be a worthwhile exercise).

I also agree with an earlier point you made, it's not rules vs. fun, Or at least it shouldn't be, and if it is it might be a sign you are playing with the wrong rules or even the wrong system. For me it's working out which rules are most fun and using them!
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