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Default Re: Fun vs Rules - When is too much fun a bad thing?

Due to the attitudes of my current group, we usually handwave equipment on that level. Generally, we allot a few points for "adventuring gear" and assume that people have what they need.

If I am running something where resupply is going to be a problem, then I'll start tracking in more detail.

I would consider something like:
Each time a first aid kit is used, roll to see if it is being depleted. On an 8 or less, it is somewhat depleted and now operates at a -1. These depletion negatives can accumulate.
New Equipment: First Aid supplies. For $5 and .5 lbs, a First Aid Kit can be restocked enough to recover one point of penalty. It may be a good idea to bring a few of these on extended field trips.

This would add an extra roll, so I'd only use it if there's enough enjoyment from the players to make up for the time and bookkeeping.
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