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Default Re: Looking for Help with Vovinam Martial Art Style

To my eye, the unarmed curriculum seems to be derived largely from Japanese and Korean karate styles contemporary to Nguyễn Lộc's initial period of training in the late 1930s, with scattered material from jujutsu and Northern Chinese systems. The predilection for flying scissor takedowns is the only thing plainly from neither of those two influences, and may show the influence of silat or something natively Vietnamese. Scholarship and practice of Vietnamese martial arts predating Viet Vovinam, from which it is supposedly partially derived, is really thin on the ground: I suspect an analogy to Korean martial arts, where the claim to have been synthesized from both foreign and native components is almost surely more of a political thing playing on patriotism than anything historically verifiable.

I can't say I've ever seen or heard of Vovinam being practiced in a manner that would justify purchase of the full combat version of the skill, rather than (most commonly) Art or (quite rarely) Sport, and I don't think Vovinam schools teach anything recognizably like the Indochinese kickboxing styles.

No comment on the armed curriculum: I don't have the expertise, beyond noting that I'd either stat out the armed portion as a separate art or arts in GURPS terms or stick them in Optional Skills to match what the book does with Chinese and Japanese styles that traditionally contain both armed and unarmed material.

Mechanically, I think Akijutsu+Taekwondo+Wushu would be a good place to start trimming from, plus either Technique Adaptation (Scissors Hold defaults from Judo) and Scissors Hold or allowing a Using Your Legs version of a Sacrifice Throw. (The scissor takedown seems poorly represented by the book's Scissors Hold to me, being more of a single-motion, one-instant throw that relies partially on momentum and either succeeds or fails in an instant rather than being possible to use in the methodical 'first establish hold, then throw with it' way enabled by Scissors Hold. But I'm not sure what else Scissors Hold could possibly be meant to represent.)

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