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Default Re: [MH] Replace RPM with Sorcery (Pyramid 3-63)

My experience (though not with MH as much directly) on RPM buffing is that RPM buffing can make the RPMist varying degrees of decent at X, but that the same buffs cast on the appropriate specialist can create new shiny degrees of awesome

For instance, heres a buffing spell

Melee Academy: A mental bootcamp to grandly boost skill with One Specific Weapon!

This Casting: Lesser Strengthen Mind (3) + Lesser Control Magic (5) + Duration, 6 hours (5) + Bestows A Bonus, +5 to To rolls with specified weapon (32). 45 energy (451).

It is all well and good to throw this on the ST 10, Skill 12 RPMist and let her flail around, but it is oh so much more awesome to toss this onto the ST 17, Skill 20 Weapon Master

(as a note, prepared as a charm when specific weapon is chosen ahead of time when charm is created)
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