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Default Re: Level Counter App Makes My Friends Hate Me

The only real solution I've seen to this is simply to share the wealth - if you have something that gives you a bonus over the others you're playing with, of course they're going to feel left out and/or annoyed. If you're just playing for fun, sometimes all these "extras" can feel like you're "cheating"...even though technically they're "legal".

Back when one of my group bought the iPhone app, and none of us had an iPhone to do so ourselves, we had him pass the app around to the player who did the worst in each previous game (ironically, he usually wound up with his phone in hand). After a few people saw that the Boons weren't necessarily overpowering, the concern went away.

Now, I have the Android app, he has the iPhone app, and the other two regulars just grumble occasionally. We decided finally that, if we're using our apps, they get one additional card at the beginning of the game.

With other items, like the Kill-o-Meter, I actually bought one for each of our usual players when I got mine - that way, nobody felt left out and nobody had an "unfair" advantage. Plus, with multiple Reversal of Fortune cards out there, the KoM gets more interesting.
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