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Default Cthulu dice - if you ain't got nothing good to say...

Ok, sorry to say, none of my friends seem to like Cthulu dice. The same from 2 different groups of friends.

As for myself, having dished out the dough for it, I have not yet given up on it.

- Us simple minded folks believe the game would go a lot smoother if the response shake was eliminated. Whose turn is it next? Oh, yeah.

- And before anyone is able to memorize what the symbols mean, the game is already over. Maybe just start out with 5 sanity tokens rather than only 3?

One possible solution I have thought of was to purchase..! a 2nd die of another color scheme and designate one of them as the Curser's die and the other as the response die. -- or..., I guess we could use that zombie/cthulu promo coin as the current player's place marker
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