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Default Re: Known bug: Stock statuses


It seems that some older, out-of-print products didn't make it over to the new store's database, and thus their pages on SJGames and WorldOfMunchkin now show a status of "In Production" and a price of "Free!"

This is exactly the sort of bad information I need to know about. As noted above, please email me so the problem can be fixed. If something is genuinely in production, it will have a price. Furthermore, no product with a 10-digit ISBN (starting with "1-") is in production; we moved away from that labeling to either 13-digit ISBNs or 12-digit UPCs a few years ago.

In addition, there may be other problems we haven't found yet, or that crop up as we continue to adjust these complex systems. So, in short - if you find any case where the stock status on the SJGames or WorldOfMunchkin site does not match what's shown on Warehouse 23, please don't speculate about it, or start a thread and hope the right people will see it. Send me an email, so I can track it down.
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