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Default Re: The Unoffial 2056 Vehicle Guide

Tiamat Three fire-breathing heads and a metal hide make this Div 10 compact a handful. It's vulnerable to flame attacks and largely ineffective against metal armor, but watch out for your tires.

Compact, Extra-Heavy Chassis, Heavy Suspension, Medium Plant with Superconductors. SB PR tires, Driver with Body Armor, three linked LFTs with HT F, SWC, SkD B. Sloped Metal/Plastic Armor: F 12/9, L 21, R 21, B 27, T 5, U 12. Two 10-point wheelhubs F, two 10-point wheelguards B. HC 3, Accel 5, Top Speed 92.5. $9988, 4440 lbs.
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