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Default Re: The Unoffial 2056 Vehicle Guide

Snapper You've never seen a real turtle until you've seen a Snapper. This Div 40 pickup has enough armor to shrug off the heaviest volleys, and an anti-tank gun capable of making foes regret having gotten your attention.

Pickup, Carbon-Aluminum Frame, Extra-Heavy Chassis, Heavy Suspension, 150 cid Engine, Turbocharger, Blueprinting, Tubular Headers, 5 gallon Duelling Tank, six SB Solid Tires, ATG with APFSDS F, HRSWC, Driver with Body Armor, Overdrive. Sloped LR Metal/ Standard Plastic Armor: F 20/13, L 12/18, R 12/18, B 15/25, T 0/10, U 0/20. 10 points FP Component Armor around Driver, ATG, and engine and gas tank. Two 10-point wheelhubs F, two 10-point wheelguards B. HC 2, Accel 5/10, Top Speed 60. $39,694, 7799 lbs.
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