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Default Re: Star Wars Armada

Late bump:

The Two Foot Long Poodle Killer Super Star Destroyer is now at various gaming stores, although allegedly they shouldn't actually sell it until Friday.

I put in my order last weekend and the store was nice enough to give me a discount: US$175 instead of US$200. I strongly suspect this will be my last purchase of the actual game official pieces, as I have all I need for my coffee table fleet. There may be several 3d-printed acquisitions to bring it in line with my head-canon of OT and TIE Fighter PC Game pieces.

(Canon purists are welcome to put in their two cents about this. I'll save the change and buy a TIE Avenger with it!)

FFG has also announced, just today, two more ships for the game line. However, both of them are very distant from the mainstream SW media, and fall very much into "huh? That's actually Star Wars?" territory for me.

An Onager-class Star Destroyer (imagine something as ugly as the Gladiator, and then add a hammerhead to its front) for the Imperials, and a Starhawk Rebel ship that looks like a laser pistol.

I'm getting the SSD. The outlook of me getting the Onager and Starhawk are not very good though.
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