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Default Re: Nordlond: The Citadel at Nordvorn

Originally Posted by b-dog View Post
Too bad nobody is interested in a setting like Arabian Nights or Sinbad the Sailer.
Who says? The first GURPS supplement I ever bought was GURPS Arabian Nights. I wore that book out in the '90s and had to replace itótwice. My next most used world books were GURPS Egypt and GURPS Aztecs. So it's not nobody. But, there may not be enough of us to make such products profitable.

Or maybe something like a southeast Asian adventure. Since traveling to Thailand and Asia I really think that is a setting that would be really cool to game in.
In the same game world that I based on the Arabian Nights, I set an archipelago loosely modeled on Indonesia. Lots of fun adventure to be had there. Would you consider trying your hand at a supplement? There are a number of locations in Southeast Asia that would be great for the Hot Spots series. Or, alternately, we have only one entry in the Dungeon Fantasy Settings line. I could see a supplement there that draws on non-western cultural tropes. (We do, after all, have the Pagoda of Worlds in the DF Encounters series, which is non-western.)

One of the many reasons that I miss Pyramid is that I was hoping to submit my first articles this year. As things stand right now, there's quite a chasm to cross from being a "passionate fan" to being a "published writer." For the time being, I'm focusing my efforts on recruiting new players and being an active member on these and other forums.
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