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Default Re: Can a Scout ship have only one station in the bridge?

Originally Posted by Anaraxes View Post
You wouldn't have to actually remove the other crew stations to allow one person to run the ship. They'd just reconfigure whichever station they liked as needed. Most designs would probably keep the "extra" stations so you could also use a full crew.

The only time you'd want a single-station bridge was if there was no chance the ship would ever have a crew of more than one. An X-boat, maybe.
Canonical X-boats are equipped for two-man crews.

Partly because of an artifact of CT/MT rules: Each job done by a character reduces their effective skill in each skill by 1. To function in a job at a payable level, that level must be 1+. The absolutely required jobs were Pilot and Engineer. Navigation could be done by jump-cassette, so need not be carried.

So, to function as a sole crewmember on a ship would have required Pilot 2 and Engineer 2 - given the maximum of 5 skills per term, and that scouts always had flat rate 2... plus 2 extra in term 1 (one of which was pilot 1)... solo qual required 8+ years as part of a multi-person crew.
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