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Default Re: Four Perilous Journeys: Four new adventures for The Fantasy Trip

Castle Ironskull: Rumors and Background

Her castle held deadly enchantments, crafted with arcane lore
Creations of blood and hunger, weapons of death and war.
Her old soldiers have arisen, yet their bodies have grown cold.
Now she deals in eldritch arms, and counts her bloodstained gold.

The Ironskulls were a famous mercenary force consisting of very experienced troops (both human and gargoyle), plus a squad of wizards. Their final commander was Raelle Ironskull, a ruthless sorceress and tactician. She was seconded by the nomad wizard/necromancer called “the Laughing Storm,” and the monstrous, evil-eyed Lord Snerg and his two siblings.

Most of the Ironskulls died in the fight for Blackbird Keep. Raelle took the keep, but when the sponsor of the raid on Blackbird Keep reneged on the bargain, she kept it for herself. She renamed it "Castle Ironskull" and retired there with her few surviving retainers

Those who expected her to live the life of a country gentlewoman were disappointed. Long a connoisseur of magical weapons, she used this knowledge, her own collection, and her connections in the mercenary business to begin a new business venture: Eldritch Arms. She is becoming the land's foremost dealer in enchanted weapons.

There are many rumors about what lies in the vaults of Castle Ironskull. Among the legends of its contents include:
  • The Eternal Goat, a living artifact that will regenerate body parts carved from it, allowing endless rations for a company of soldiers or besieged town. Once a year, the Goat must be fed...and it has peculiar appetites.
  • The sacred Axe of Azinora, a weapon with a storied history, wielded by a succession of warrior priestesses and female paladins.
  • The great ruby-hilted sword called Ravenous, which serves only those who thirst for flesh and blood.
  • They hold the Diadem of the Dragon Princess, a coming-of-age gift for the beloved daughter of a mighty warlord. The threat of awakening the four dragons frozen in its fabulous jewels was such that she never used it: It was buried with her. Tomb robbers acquired and sold the mummy and crown to Raelle.

Castle Ironskull is more than a little setting and background. Raelle and the, um, remains of her unusual mercenary company would make sense as adversaries, targets, patrons, or simply a faction that exists in order to make the PCs lives more than a bit more interesting.
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