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Default Re: Can a Scout ship have only one station in the bridge?

Originally Posted by ak_aramis View Post
Which ruleset?

That is where they introduce the compact bridge option. In GURPS TRAVELLER 2nd edition (I'd have to dig up my first edition to confirm the wording hadn't changed between editions) it says this on page 130 under the crew listing for Sulieman Scout:

"Pilot, co-pilot, and engineer are the most common arrangement. An exceptional person might fill all slots and operate the vessel alone, but few
people have all the requisite skills (see Crew Requirements, pp. 149-

That would seem to imply that if one person can crew a scout ship, a bridge that normally has five work stations, can be made to be more compact at a trade of 2 work stations per 1/2 dTon traded in, would seem to imply that you can get by with but one work station.

If that is true - then the bridge, which normally has five work stations, can trade in four work stations.

Problem is - I have never bothered to try and "optimize" the ship build simply because I never thought of it that way. Not until the day I opened up this particular thread.

Right now, I'm going through ship by ship of "old designs" in various GURPS TRAVELLER products, seeing if they could benefit from optimization in any manner, courtesy of GURPS TRAVELLER: STARSHIPS.
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