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Default Re: Nordlond: The Citadel at Nordvorn

Originally Posted by b-dog View Post
Nice job! I really enjoy the factions and the faerie are well done. I would have liked one more faction especially to see how you would have fit it into your world. I would have liked some sort of monotheistic faith that came from the desert lands and is pushing out the pagan gods and magic and establishing dominion over the land. This religion would be able to turn the faerie just like the undead are turned. The Norse gods would have to battle the monotheistic god to try to keep their power. During these battles the Infernal and the dragons could use it to their advantage.
Seems like you've got a great campaign idea. There are several cultures to the far west in the background. There's the "Mongol Horsemen" alluded to who have been trying to invade the south of Nordlond for 200 years or so (the Neveri are their names; this may have been excised from the book to keep it generic-ish). There are also the Inthriki, the totally-not-Asian realm based on the history of Kamakura-era Japan from which traders bring in "exotic curved two-handed swords" to sell at market.

But there's a reason I didn't overdefine the locale: you can have your fifth faction simply by introducing it. And Bob over there can play it straight, or add their own faction, easily.

Glad you're pleased with the PDF. If you got print, you might be interested to know it'll be 14mm thick with a lay-flat, sewn binding: it's going to be a big-ol' chunk o' book.
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