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Default Re: Well, that went...poorly

OR, one could role-play the wolves as a GM and try to use "animal" tactics. Wolves are known for trying to attack from behind and never to the front. They are predators and do not want to risk getting injured themselves since that might be a death sentence in the wild.

So let them circle around, rush in one or two at a time and target a side hex if they can. Waiting and hoping the prey will run. Then harass them for hours until they practically drop from exhaustion and then they start nipping them here and there to slow them down even more. And then they go in for the kill and try to trip the prey. And after they are down, they all close in for the kill.

This is the reason that one lonely human with a stick can chase away a whole pack. If the prey doesn't run, and maybe even hurt one of the first wolves that try to get in and do something. They all turn tail and look for easier prey.

But if they are starving, actually mind controlled, protecting their young or just well fed and war trained, then they are really terrifying as opponents. There is a reason that many security forces use trained attack dogs even today.

But dog stats might be a better approximation of a half-starved wolfpack in the wilds.

Nice write up of the fights. :-)
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