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Default Magically protected interpaths

So, I've been thinking of path- or roadways that have been enchanted to allow safe travel between one location and another. The idea is an interpath with the following attributes:
  • The interpath would provide easy travel along it, like a smoothly paved road
  • The distance between the connected locations is the same as travel off the interpath (some special interpaths could cut the distance to some extent, but this is uncommon)
  • It is only possible to enter the interpath at the endpoints (or other designated entryways). Although it is possible to leave the interpath at any point along the way, returning to it is not a simple matter.
  • People off the interpath cannot see or detect it or those on it an any fashion, except through the entry points.
  • Travelers on the interpath can see and hear things off the path, although the interpath protects them from blinding or deafening effects, or effects that could lure them off it against their will (a siren's song, for example)
  • Travelers on the interpath cannot physically interact with those off it, and vice versa. They are completely insubstantial to each other. Travelers can interact with each other normally
  • As an extension of the previous points, the interpath also protects travelers from severe weather and life-threatening environmental conditions
There are a number of uses for interpaths of various sizes:
  • Two allied cities on opposite sides of a hostile territory (impassible terrain, enemy nation, dangerous wildlands) could maintain an interpath for trade and communication purposes
  • A royal family has an interpath set up between their castle and the castle of neighboring king, for a mutual escape route in the event of a coup
  • A pony-express-style messenger/courier service known for secure, guaranteed delivery runs a secret network of interpaths between their offices in major cities
  • An interpath network (with additional security at the ends) connecting the leaders of major nations to a neutral location for diplomatic purposes
It's late, and I'll add more ideas and a couple adventure seeds that have been running around in my head tomorrow.

What are your thoughts?
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