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Default Re: Four Perilous Journeys: Four new adventures for The Fantasy Trip

Originally Posted by FireHorse View Post
Me too and that is indeed the correct way to spell it, in this case. I have tried to be Good, and restrain my Kickstarting impulses; I even decided to (mostly) ignore anything that wasn't specifically from SJG. But SJG cheated, using telepathic spies to learn my weakness, and they started doing all these new Kickstarters every three days or so, so now I'm gonna have to find out whether my printer can do passable counterfeiting or something.
:-) Yes, I chose the dollar signs intentionally! :-)

And I've had to back out of two other Kickstarters I really wanted to back (and may have to do so with a third if things continue as they are) thanks primarily to the dog's run-in with a dead tree branch. Ah well, sometime if it weren't for bad luck, I wouldn't have any luck at all! *sigh* Dogs and kids...what're ya gonna do?
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