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Default Re: TFT Status Report from BGG

Dark City Games has a range of solo adventures under their Ancient World brand that is meant for TFT -

Same size as the Microgames and comes with Maps and Counters..

BEGINNER: 32 point characters (Free)
The Sorcerer's Manor
Orcs of the High Mountains

NOVICE: 32-34 point characters (Recommend only 1 per party)
The Oracle's Breath
Raid on Cygnosa
Upon the Wind
Ebon Rebirth
Punisher's Keep

INTERMEDIATE: 34-36 point characters (Recommend 2-3 per party)
Island of Lost Spells
Wolves on The Rhine
The Crown of Kings
Sewers of Redpoint
The Thing in The Lake

ADVANCED: 37-38 point characters
Fire in the Streets
Gates to The Underworld
The Dark Vale
Shadows in The Dark

VETERAN: 38+ point characters
Emerald Twilight
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