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Default 6th Edition Movement Sticks for Classic in 3D

I present, for your consideration, The Jericho---wait, no, that's not right...a "Car Wars Classic Turning Stick".

The big problem with playing Car Wars in 3D is the offical Turning Keys; in-scale ones take up a lot of real estate. Playing with cardboard counters and graph paper it's no big deal, but once obstacles are made out of wood and the cars are miniatures, the amount of space needed for a proper Turning Key becomes a precious commodity.

For the past 3 years I've been trying various options for a more "3D-friendly" version...but without much success. Ones that are used with the side of the car can only ameliorate the problem and not solve it; ones that are used with the front of the car require...feats of manual dexterity, let's put it that both position and write on legibly.

In that respect, the trip to Texas a month ago was fortuitous: one of the things that was just plain elegant during the 6E games were maneuvers. Lay the stick alongside the car, line up the 'start' mark, move the car to the 'finish' mark, and if bending rotate the car over the stick [the center of the base is elevated for specifically this purpose]. Laying sleepless in the hotel, planes roaring overhead and needing to be up in 4 hours for my flight home, it dawned on me: a 6E style stick could be the solution to my problems. A laminated print-out could be slid under the car when there was no room to place a stick beside, neatly solving the 'no free space' problem...and even in places where front-rear space is an issue, using a thin enough pouch would leave it flexible enough to cope.

Too many hours in GIMP and about a half-dozen friends/relatives turned into guinea pigs later, and what's linked above is the result. It's for 2X, so is 6 1/2" long, 1" wide, and laminated in a 3mil pouch. The dividers for bends assume the car is on use it 'beside' the car, use the opposite bend [left bend beneath = right bend beside] and invert the D ratings...6 becomes 1, 1 becomes 6, etc.

Not pictured: It's double-sided, with left Bends and left Drifts on the other side.
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