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Originally Posted by Andrew Hackard View Post
The design/dev team are paying attention to these reports. Quietly. Behind the scenes. (Meaning they aren't going to jump in and start replying -- they're too busy writing more stuff for the game.)
Just like Secret Masters to be watching from the shadows. ;)

So that it doesn't have to wait forever and a half for me to get my wits about me and thing that I ended up confused by initially was the 'Blast' icon. Once Jimmie pointed out what it was it made perfect sense, but until I'd asked I was looking at it in the negative space and saw a 3D wireframed shape, rather than seeing the positive space and a blast radiating outwards.

It might be a total non-issue because I know I'm weird, but if it is a wider issue maybe a small explosion rocking a car would communicate the same thing with less ambiguity? (I'm picturing a silhouette of a car with only 2 wheels on the ground, in the middle of being flipped by a land mine or mortar going a combination of whatever this is and the "Road Slippery" sign)
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