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I talked with Randy about armor a fair bit. They had repeatedly run into issues where armor got all dumped on one (or two) sides when it wasn't even all around. And the armor is figured separately - the current rules used about 1/4 of your points. They also had issues assigning a point value to armor values, as people tended to go all or nothing.

Each side of a vehicle can mount a single structure card. The one in the prototype set is the steel plate which I previously mentioned (which there were 4 copies of). This is nominally how one increases your defense on a side. However... speed was still a better defense by far.
Makes me wonder if there's not some easy to explain guideline that could handle it, like 'No more than half can be allocated to one facing' (which would be 6-2-2-2 at worst with our test cars), or 'no facing may have more than double the armor points of any other facing' (which would be 4-3-3-2 or 4-4-2-2).

Though it might get out of hand at higher armor totals [like 10-9-5-6 for a 30-armor car], I'm not in a place where I can run all the permutations.

Your work with "+2/-2 speed with no consequences" and 43Supporter's work with abusing rerolls...I get the feeling testing is in the 'game-breaking loophole' phase. Hopefully word makes it back to Randy/Jimmie and they can get those sorted out before launch.
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