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Default Re: SJG's FnordCon! April 6-7.

Report: Day 1

I got to attend FnordCon earlier today.

It had a close, community feel being held in just a few rooms of a conference building in the south of Austin.

I liked that most of the events were held in one big room at many tables where people were playing games and interacting.

Several SJ employees were hanging out and easily approachable including Steve Jackson and Phil Reed. I met Alex Yeager for the first time. He was ably coordinating guest activities and guiding event sign-ups.

It was also good to meet a couple of forum regulars in person: Magesmiley and 43Supporter. Being fellow Car Wars fans, I learned that they had both sponsored maps included in Car Wars Arenas.

Well cool enough, Car Wars Arenas was included in my swag bag, and I just finished studying the various innovative layouts in the comfort of my own home.

I missed out on experiencing Douglas Cole's morning session of the Dungeon Fantasy Roleplaying Game Hall of Judgement demo but had the good fortune to play with him in an afternoon session as his collaborator Kyle Norton introduced his own upcoming adventure The Dragons of Rosgarth.

I believe this was Kyle's first time to run an adventure at a convention. Knowing what that experience can be like, I was impressed at how well he kept us all engaged in the mysteries of the unfolding plot.

In the "small-world" department, I ran into a former co-worker from Houston when I lived there. And it turns out that she and her husband already knew Doug Cole from attending the same university there.

I was having so much fun playing The Dragons of Rosgarth I forwent my scheduled opportunity to try out Car Wars 6e. Shame! But no worries, I've got my pass to play tomorrow. It turns out that after you play the demo, you can graduate to a second game where you get to "build" your own vehicle.

The several tables dedicated to the new edition of Car Wars exhibited an energetic focal point of interest. I was impressed to see they were supplied with 3-D prints of some actual miniatures.

That's all for now.
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