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Default Re: Exotic Governmental/Legal Systems

Originally Posted by David Johnston2 View Post

1. Constitutional Republic in which lawmaking power is invested in an assembly selected by random lot among the citizens, one per district.
This is not quite that. However the Doge of Venice was chosen by a convoluted series of lotteries and elections to make absolutely sure no one was manipulating it.

One version I used myself was that any member of the Councilio Civium(basically any citizen)was subject to be chosen as a "Lotman" or "Lotwoman". Depending on the constitution of the local or federal government they would be inserted into the legislature or the electors for temporary elections(like a new Doge, say), or whatever depending on local circumstance. The Lotfolk are only one aspect of what is intended to be a highly convoluted system that maintains balance between various interests and part of the fun I get is putting in all sorts of interesting "stuff" to satisfy myself.
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