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Default Re: GURPS Magic: The Least of Spells

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Needs a listed cost, I think?

For a profession like this, my first thought is a less-cinematic spy or secret agent. The least spells have a number that suit a petty trader or courtier; with that, you have a ready reason to wander nearly anywhere, and be found in various places most people can't access. After all, while an ordinary petty trader would never meet with a court noble, a petty trader that can make a magic item that lets you quickly change hairstyles could make a noble the talk of the next ball. And people are much less likely to wonder why a "drunken" courtier is wandering the halls, even if they caught them mumbling to themselves and twitching their fingers.

And, of course, in less adventuresome campaigns, a legitimate petty trader or ordinary courtier could find a number of uses for least spells.

Another thought is a wandering preacher (switching out the Hedge Magician for a form of Power Investiture limited to Least spells).
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