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Default Re: GURPS Dungeon Fantasy Adventure 1: Mirror of the Fire Demon

Originally Posted by Woodman View Post
Clerics and Druids dont seem like a big Problem, i'm not finished with the npc chapter, but there seems to be only one cleric and one Holy Warrior as major NPCs, both could easily be based on Faiths that exist on Yrth.
Can you be more specific on that point. What faiths could the Holy Warrior and cleric be based on? Any druid NPCs to consider? If so how would that one be handled in Banestorm?

It seems to me that DF style clerics and druids don't work well at all in Banestorm. There don't seem to be any gods to work with clerics -- at least not ones you can gain power from in the plane Yrth exists in. Perhaps I've overlooked something. Perhaps druids can work, though I'm not sure. The elves seem to have some connection with an eternal nature, but I don't see them gaining any power from the connection and that seems key to DF druids. Please correct me if I'm wrong on this.

I would really like to have druids and clerics as good PC options for my players. I'm just not sure how to handle them in the Banestorm setting.

[quote]For the Location i would say Caithness is a perfect fit, just use the Border to the Great Desert in the West and the only thing you have to change is rotating the directions 90 counterclockwise.[quote]


PS: I think Transhuman Space and Traveller both outperform Banestorm when it comes to details
I was speaking strictly on GURPS Fantasy settings, specifically where I could fairly easily adapt the adventure in question.

I'll probably have some free time on my hands next week, so I'm looking for input this weekend so I know if I should buy this adventure. I haven't run a campaign in ages and I'd really like something I can use in Banestorm setting.

I'm planning on using at least one adventure from GURPS Fantasy adventures -- the Mordag's Little Finger one. I will probably start with that one but will need to convert to GURPS 4e and probably power it up a bit since the characters I'm planning on using will be DF style 250-300 point, though they will also need to use some of those points for non-dungeon crawling stuff that can be used in more general adventuring in the Banestorm/Yrth setting.
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