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Default Re: GURPS Dungeon Fantasy Adventure 1: Mirror of the Fire Demon

Originally Posted by Kromm View Post
So how hard would this be to adapt to a GURPS Banestorm/DF campaign. I recall someone having a thread about Banestorm/DF crossover which I found interesting -- in that I think that clerics and druids would be hardest to workout in the setting. Still I like in depth settings and that's pretty much the best one for GURPS (at least the best supported and most detailed).

If I were to use the adventure this way, where would be the best location to put it given the map for Yrth/Ytarria? Cardiel is probably where I'd want to start a campaign so I'd want to place the adventure somewhere there or in one of the surrounding areas. The islands are a possibility also since sailing from Cariel isn't out of the question.

Thanks in advance for any input.
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