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Default Re: Triplanetary: Launching from a planet

Originally Posted by RogerBW View Post
On turn N+1 you can:
  • Do nothing; as a special case, I rule that staying in the same hex causes gravity to be applied again. You now have a velocity of 1 west. On your next turn, if you still do nothing, you will crash (or land where you started).
  • Thrust west. You crash.
  • Thrust north-west or south-west. You have now entered a new gravity hex, so your velocity of (e.g.) 1 north-west gets 1 south-west added to it to become 1 west. You are in orbit.
  • Thrust north-east, east, or south-east. You are now travelling freely in space.
I think the rules are that you should have a 1 west velocity vector on turn N+1. You can still thrust any direction under this interpretation, including a 'stand still' by thrusting east. Notably this would mean you apply the gravity again regardless the next turn - but still an option for when you want to 'freeze' the orbit.

Notably if you thrust northwest or southwest you can skip orbiting and have an escape velocity under this interpretation on N+1, but there is no option to shoot straight out from the planet in the 'direction' of the 'launch' on N+1.

On Board Game Geek the interpretations tend to be either the same as mine (start with velocity 1 West, no special case) or only allow orbit moves on N+1 (which is essentially a special case by disallowing the 'stand still' or the 'thrust down and to the side to shoot by the planet on your way out' maneuvers).
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