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Default Re: Kickstarter: Dungeon Fantasy Magic Items 2, Powered by GURPS

Originally Posted by namada View Post
So, yeah, it was "fixed," and quickly, as I expected. However, from now on, I'll be doing my ordering from Amazon via On Demand rather than W23 or Kickstarter, because when I opened the envelope (at least the envelope was sturdier than what was used for the Kickstarter fulfillment - cardstock envelope rather than paper & plastic bubble wrap), I was greeted with a copy of my softcover Pyramid Dungeon Collection with a spine bent at a 30 angle.
Why was that even shipped out of the warehouse? Why was that not written off as trash when it arrived at the warehouse from the printer? The envelope wasn't messed up at all, so it was clearly not the mail carrier, but was shipped from the warehouse with the spine broken & bent at the 30 angle. Just - special, that's all I can say.
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