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Default Re: Missle spells in ITL

3d6 is a pretty neutered lightening bolt.

I could maybe see 5d6, but 3?

Brings me back to the Magic Fist days, young wizards were limited, but if you had a decent ST, you could at least power up and unload a 6d6 THUMP. albeit 6d6-12 for real damage

And you kinda needed to pump it up a few ST cause 6d6-12 only averaged 9 hits

with a 3d6 limit, that appears to handicap new wizards.


I find it interesting that Magic Fist and Fireball SPECIFICALLY state the limit of 3 ST, but...Lightening and Wizards Wrath do not. They could, but they do not.

Oversight? Or is it just assumed that Steve wanted to take the bang out of Martial Wizards knocking down Giants?

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