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Default Re: Lost in Dreams (Jane Doe)

(I wasn't sure about proper-noun planet-"Earth" because of "What was earth? She couldn't remember" in OP, which is why I figured she might interpret that as common-noun soil-"earth")

I suppose roll against default (or otherwise) for Botany/Geology to say something clever in relation to mineral content / soil composition requirements for stalked plants?

(if interaction with these guys is going to gradually reveal the possession of pertinent skills by their feedback on competency, then I should probably gradually pay the 15 CP to change Total Amnesia to Partial Amnesia, reflecting knowing what skills I have but not how I acquired them, but until I do, I guess even the -2 to IQ-based skill rolls where memory would be valuable is by itself nearly worth it, since that would normally be worth -20 when you remove will/perception from equation)

"I don't remember much about Earth, but if there were dangerous people there I'm glad to be around safer people here. There are fewer dangers on this Planet Harax?"
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