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Default Re: Examining "Once Per Day" in TFT: Solution or Problem?

Originally Posted by Jim Kane View Post
Ty,... there is no concern about recovery from fatigue, sleep, etc., the topic-at-hand is on: how to easily and accurately time a "per day" to our 5 second combat system time-scale, so that a GM can determine on which turn "a day's worth of time" has passed, and a wizard in the heat of battle could cast again *if* such a rule delineator were adopted into our systems.

Yeah, I made a modification to the question and failed to note it. Basically, my proposed solution avoids the "once a day" notion in favor of a more nuanced approach to recovering ST.

You could, as someone suggested, adapt the notion that the once-a-day event can happen at the same time or later on the following day. You could establish that "turn 1" starts at midnight. So the turn starting at 6 am would be turn 4320. Or you could use hours, minutes and seconds and assume that turn 1 of each minute starts at 00 seconds, turn 2 at 05 seconds and so on.

But this is fantasy. So I'd go with this - you can do the once-a-day thing again on the later of (a) the turn that occurs 6 hours after the once-a-day thing occured, or (b) the first turn of the next dawn. A definition of dawn could be "the instant when the sun clears the horizon".

Ex - I cast a once-a-day spell at 4 pm (turn 11,520 if turn 1 starts at midnight). I can cast it again at 6 am (turn 4320), which is when the sun clears the horizon.

If I cast the once-a-day spell at 5:45 am (turn 3420, which is before dawn), I'll have to wait 6 hrs before I can do it again - 11:45 am (turn 8460).

If I cast the spell at 11:45 am, I'll have to wait until the next dawn at 6 am to cast it again.

Since it's fantasy, assume that the sun somehow helps restore the power.

Oh, the six hour limit prevents the exploit of casting the once-a-day spell at 5:59 am and then again at 6:00 am. You can tweak that as you see fit or eliminate it completely. The idea of adventurers assaulting the dungeon at 4:30 am and anxiously awaiting sunrise to recover is kinda interesting... "For some reason, the sun hasn't risen yet. You look closely at the almanac the dwarf sold you and realize that it's for the year 1,023...740 years ago."

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