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Default Re: Combat Garage Update

Due to my 'unique' way of thinking , I tend to find minor flaws whenever I design stuff ;-)

My idea was a Q upgrade of my Applause '65 car : the original has a Front mounted RL & I added a second 'hidden' RL linked to first . Concealing the 1st as well could make attackers suspicious .

Also I noticed that Paint Pellet Ammo & Single Shot Paint Rockets aren't available yet . We've found them very useful for training ongoing characters , Arenas/Races where target shooting earn points , Counting-Coup , annoying the authorities , non-lethal fun , etc etc . Okay it's not used that much , but option to have it is very handy .

[Edit] Minor niggle I have is that Powerplants can't be moved to rear of Vehicles . It becomes important in types like Dragsters due to Turret mounting limitations . Also we've always envisioned my 'Smasher' design to have it's Medium PP behind the Driver , as added protection due to designs lighter rear Armour ?
Just a thought .
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