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Default Re: A Couple Clarifications

Hey everyone, thanks for the clarification on the treasure items, that really helps. :) I see the difference, now.

Tremorlaine, I am still thinking about this phrase.
If you say, "I'm going to use my Flaming Potion (assuming it is on the table and being carried) but don't pick it up and put it into the fight right away I can Curse you with a card that says you must lose one Small Item. At that point if you a) have no other Small Items in play, or b) don't want to discard any of your other Small Items then you would have to discard your Flaming Potion.
This seems like a really dubious distinction. Why should I think that a player's word saying that he is going to use a Flaming Potion is distinct from his actually using it? If the player had said, "I use my Flaming Potion," would this change matters? The fact that it takes time to move the potion from one place on the table to the other does not change the fact that it has been declared to be used. The other option is to just take the potion and toss it directly on the pile of items buffing a monster, thus giving other players no verbal warning of its use, therefore completing the action before they can react. The quote and example you provide simply doesn't work in practice, and is open to too many loopholes. I need something much more concrete to work with than this.
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