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Originally Posted by ericthered View Post
wow, that's not a build I've seen before.

Fantastically high ST and HP -- well outside of human range, coupled with HT 14. But his DX is 10. I don't see that often. With this character it might just work.

His sword skill is pretty low for a 350 point character: just 14. If the martial arts book is available I'd preface attacks against well defended foes with beats.

His parry isn't terrible, considering his skill: 12. He's going to take a fair number of hits, but he'll live. High pain threshold is key to this build.

And of course, the damage dealt is very high. 4d+13 cu averages to about 26 points of damage.

Its something of a simple build, and very combat focused. He feels like a warrior, not a person. But that weirdly feels like a stylistic decision intentionally done. It also doesn't feel min-maxed, despite the fact that tons of points are thrown into doing two things very very well.
Indeed, also to consider, my two main weapons (the baton and the greatsword) are both balanced and have weapon bond, so effective skill is often 16

I started at 250 pts, with less ST, and focused on that so I could use the greatsword in one hand. I has been fun to play thus far. And with the large shield, I can get my parry up to 16. Also, the 2h parry for the greatsword is 13, I think you didnt count the enhanced parry. And we use MA options and feverish defenses.

Also, forgot to add, but I have a point in climbing, and I began with a -5 points curiosity which I just bought off after my GF's PC (which is my cousin in the game, a noble sorceress) read the necronomicon and became bound to it, fated to either read it and slowly get insane or not reading it and dying. Also forgot to add status 1 [5] it seems

The best part, is being able to carry tons of stuff. In serious combat I can have all my armor, shield and the two main weapons, and still be on no encumbrance. I still cant invest more points than 16 in a skill until due to arbitrary campaign cap that should be unlocked at some point to 28 pts, then later the final cap at 40 pts.

Meanwhile I intend to improve my survivability by buying up HP (we can buy 50% of ST in extra HP, so I can get to 30). And maybe buy fit, extra movement (im allowed up to +3), feint, and maybe some dual-weapon attack technique for shield and sword

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