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Default Re: Post Your Characters!

These are a few that I posted a while back on the GURPS Repository site. They're rough in places, but I like the characters.

Mimsey Grant -- An amateur occultist and wizard-in-training for a contemporary supernatural/monster-hunting campaign

Major John Jeroboam Hunter -- A clockwork cyborg inspired by an Edgar Allan Poe story, for a steampunk campaign

Mitch "The Weasel" Weisel -- Originally created for an online game here on these boards; a low-level crook who took a job as test subject for a mad scientist and now looks like a ferret; for a pulp-era campaign.

Fenton Blake (Code Name: Flywheel) -- A nerdy gadgeteer for a secret spy agency in a '60s era espionage campaign.

Bonnie Baker ("Stinger") -- A teen sidekick to a super-hero named Avenger Bee, for a supers campaign
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