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Originally Posted by Disliker of the mary sue View Post
This was one of my experiments to try to make a character using gurps to experiment. My idea was a magical girl who was also a very rich bully archetype. I only got the rich bully part though just to figure out how much that would cost before putting in the magical girl powers. So far I thinking I need to get better at point budgeting since assuming budget of 250-300 I barely have enough points to put into magical powers
Some thoughts

You paid 10 points too many for Wealthy unless you meant Very Wealthy. On that note, I'd consider dropping wealth down to Average, and buying Status and Patron (Parent). I'd also add Social Stigma (Minor), unless she was at the age of majority.

You forgot to include the +4 from appearance in Sex Appeal. Leadership gets a +3 from Charisma. Detect Lies defaults from Body Language, saving you 1 point.

On the enthrallment skills, you're missing the prereq for Captivate, Suggest. Assuming you're basing them on Sex Appeal, Captivate is also going over the skill limit, as it cannot be higher than the base skill (See B191). I would remove them entirely from the character; they are very expensive and meant as alternatives to magic or psionics.

Assuming you keep the relative skill levels the same, the corrections here and the removal of the enthrallment skills gives a point cost of 146. I'd probably drop all of the skill levels by 1, lots of the skills are at a level where she could find a job doing these things, which seems unrealistic for a teen. I'd also cut Current Affairs down to a point and put it into various hobby/everyman skills (Driving, Other Current Affairs, Computer Ops, Artist, etc.) Either way, you should have plenty of breathing room to add magic with this base.
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