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Default Re: Cosmology and game mechanics for Dream Worlds

Originally Posted by Ghostdancer View Post
You should. It's a really important part of any campaign that features dreamworlds - do you die in the real world if you die in your dreams? Is it just a Fright Check? I highly suggest you peg that down before anything else because it's going to influence everything else you do.

I've had this conversation with someone else on the boards...I think it was tantric, anyways, if everyone gets "Dream Travel 1" then it's a feature. Just treat level 2 as a buyable ability. If Dreaming can do a crazy number of things like allowing you to create dream matter with a Will roll or let you bend space I very much suggest you raise the difficulty to Very Hard and float the attribute over to IQ.

Actually, I did exactly this. For humans they all had "pseudo-Status" that was equal to 0 plus any levels of Wealth gained Status or bought Status and a reasonable background - but it was all bunk. They didn't have anything to go with the status level people just treated them that way. This was a feature, if they wanted to operate in both worlds I treated status as a slashed statistic. The first was the status for your world and thesecond was for the other. You bought your world's status normally, but for the other world you bought it at as a alternate ability.
Sounds more like Social Regard then.
Still, sounds cool.
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