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Default Re: Cosmology and game mechanics for Dream Worlds

Originally Posted by ericthered View Post
3) The dream should have meaningful barriers to travel. In other words, you can't assemble your team from the four corners of the dream world every night through teleportation.
To clarify: gathering a team from dreamers who entered the dreamworld into different regions should at least take the time required to travel. Being able to enter into the same region is nice. See below.

Originally Posted by Jerander View Post
If projection, my first thought is that every individual has their own doorway through their personal dreams. Groups could be brought into the global Dream World in the same spot through the use of an "artificial" group "personal" dream. This staging area could be set up either through technology or other means. The TV show Supernatural allowed group dreaming (or at least entering someone else's dream to share it) through the use of "African dream root" and close proximity and/or contact. Something similar could allow you to keep the party together.
Originally Posted by ericthered View Post
Random Fixed Entry Points + Entry Tricks: everyone can enter the dream at one point that belongs to them. However, a mechanism exists that allows you to enter at someone else's point, or just at a different point. For example, perhaps a spell exists that when both people cast allow them to enter at one of the two people's points, or a sleeper hooked into the access machine can bring a whole crew to his dream entry point.
This is probably the best variant, or close enough to the best and requires minimal rework. Though now I wonder what nice methods of figuring the fixed starting entry points for each character would be, if they're dictated by some factor that isn't a pure dice roll. Correlation to significant events in real life might be one.
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