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Default Re: What would Pyramid Volume 4 look like?

Originally Posted by ColBosch View Post
Ogrezine, at least, has been enough of a success to be in its second issue. Each issue is initially crowdfunded through Kickstarter, with open submissions for articles and artwork. Ogre's Line Editor then selects from the submissions he likes, they go through a normal editorial process, and every couple of weeks an article is posted for free. After a certain number of articles have been posted, they're collected into an omnibus PDF with some additional new material and offered for sale; anyone who backed the Kickstarter campaign gets the PDF automatically, and others may purchase it.

I don't know if this model would work for other SJ Games lines. I think running too many Kickstarter campaigns could induce fatigue in the fan base, not to mention the folks at SJ Games who have to control them.
On the flip side, they have recently run Kickstarters through an SJG account, a Warehouse 23 account, and it looks like there may be a pocket box account too, enabling them to do three overlapping projects at once.

Where a one-man shop might falter at this, a company with divisions and resources for each account can pull it off.

Kickstarter fatigue is probably real though. Something to consider.
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