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Default Re: What would Pyramid Volume 4 look like?

IMHO and from the outside looking in with no internal knowledge of SJ Games, the only way I see something like Pyramid coming back would be if:

SJ Games didn't do it, but let someone else do it. You would be getting what is out on the Internet already, but paying for it. The person running it probably wouldn't make any money, it would be a hobby for them for which they recoup some of their costs. The product almost certainly wouldn't be of the same editorial or lay out quality, it might very well just be Pyramid the GURPS hobby webmag; or

It was DFRPG specific - something like $2 a week (or just a straight $100 a year) and you get an article a week which might be a monster, adventure or whatever. It could be funded by crowdfunding, whatever, but you still need to pay Staff (and perhaps multiple authors to produce it).

Once again I have no knowledge of the internal processes at SJ Games, so those two hypotheticals might be more difficult than I see and there may be others that are just as likely/unlikely.

All that said I don't see much liklihood of Pyramid coming back in any shape or form. Its likely that the short term future is a more modest number of GURS products that cost a little amount more than they already do today.

DFRPG having actual physical products (and being licensed to produce more) that have sold 'ok' is a nice countertrend
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